Green Coffee Bean Supplements VS Drinking Coffee

You have probably heard the hype about green coffee bean extract, it has been declared by many – including the esteemed Dr Oz – to be a ‘weight loss miracle’. This has raised many questions one of which is; what is the benefit of taking a green coffee bean supplement over drinking regular coffee or even over drinking coffee made with the green bean? These are the questions we will answer in this article.

Green Coffee Beans VS Regular Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Bean VS Regular Coffee

For a start, let’s examine the difference between green coffee beans and the normal coffee bean that has become a huge part of our coffee drinking society. The primary difference between the two is that unlike ordinary coffee beans, green coffee beans have not been roasted and in fact, it is the roasting of the coffee bean that dramatically changes its composition. Unroasted (or green) coffee beans have approximately 90% more Chlorogenic Acid than their roasted counterpart.

What is Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid in Green CoffeeChlorogenic acid is an antioxidant compound that occurs naturally in the coffee bean. As already mentioned, this antioxidant is severely depleted when the coffee bean undergoes roasting to produce the coffee we enjoy as a beverage. Chlorogenic acid is believed to be the main compound responsible for the weight loss benefits of green coffee bean although research suggests that it is likely to be the combined effect of chlorogenic acid and many other compounds naturally occurring in the coffee bean.

One of the other compounds believed to play a role is caffeine which is found in both green coffee and roasted coffee. It is clear than, that while traditional roasted coffee may have some small weight loss benefits simply due to its caffeine content, this is going to be a much weaker in comparison to green coffee which has the additional action of powerful Chlorogenic acid.

Drinking VS Supplementing


People often want to know if drinking coffee made with green beans will aid weight loss. The answer to this is that it undoubtedly will to some degree, however, there are several advantages to using a green coffee bean supplement over drinking it. Firstly, green coffee beans are not that easy to come by. Your local coffee shop is not likely to be offering green coffee on their menu any time soon. The reason for this? Green coffee doesn’t taste that good. Some people report that it doesn’t have much taste at all while others find it to be very bitter. It is the roasting of the coffee bean which helps reduce its bitterness and as green beans aren’t roasted, the bitterness remains. In addition to lacking in taste, green coffee also lacks that rich, flavorsome aroma that is a big part of the whole coffee drinking experience.

Green Coffee Bean SupplementAnother benefit of using green coffee bean pills over drinking it is that you can be guaranteed you are getting the required dose for weight loss benefits. In high quality green coffee bean capsules, each batch is tested to ensure a minimum amount of GCA (green coffee antioxidants) or Chlorogenic acid is present.  When you purchase green coffee beans to brew and consume as a drink, you have no guarantee that you are consuming the recommended amount of Chlorogenic acid. The levels of antioxidants, including Chlorogenic Acid,  in coffee beans will vary depending on many factors including harvesting time, age of the beans and brewing method.

Capsules are Convenient

Finally, a very obvious advantage of taking green coffee bean capsules over drinking coffee made out of the green bean is the convenience. Just one capsule per day (with select products) and you get your daily dose of GCA or Chlorogenic acid, with no preparation time, no taste and no mess.

Which Supplement Should You Take?

We have done our research based on both the recommendations made by Dr Oz, and results of the various clinical trials that have been performed. Green Coffee Bean Max is a supplement that contains the daily recommended amount of Green Coffee Extract and Chlorogenic acid in each dose. To read reviews on Green Coffee Bean Max please click here.